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Title: Morphometric analysis of feedforward pathways from the primary somatosensory area (S1) of rats
Authors: de Sá, A.L.
Bahia, C.P.
Correa, V.C.
Dias, I.A.
Batista, C.
Gomes-Leal, W.
Pinho, A.L.S.
Houzel, J.C.
Picanço-Diniz, C.W.
Pereira, A.
Keywords: Somatosensory cortex;Barrel field;Feedforward networks;Axon terminal;Axon morphometry
Issue Date: 2016
Portuguese Abstract: We used biotinylated dextran amine (BDA) to anterogradely label individual axons projecting from primary somatosensory cortex (S1) to four different cortical areas in rats. A major goal was to determine whether axon terminals in these target areas shared morphometric similarities based on the shape of individual terminal arbors and the density of two bouton types: en passant (Bp) and terminaux (Bt). Evidence from tridimensional reconstructions of isolated axon terminal fragments (n=111) did support a degree of morphological heterogeneity establishing two broad groups of axon terminals. Morphological parameters associated with the complexity of terminal arbors and the proportion of beaded Bp vs stalked Bt were found to differ significantly in these two groups following a discriminant function statistical analysis across axon fragments. Interestingly, both groups occurred in all four target areas, possibly consistent with a commonality of presynaptic processing of tactile information. These findings lay the ground for additional work aiming to investigate synaptic function at the single bouton level and see how this might be associated with emerging properties in postsynaptic targets.
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