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Title: Immunohistochemical expression of PCNA, p53 and bcl-2 in pleomorphic adenomas
Authors: Górdon-Nunez, Manuel Antonio
Godoy, Gustavo Pina
Soares, Rosilene Calazans
Souza, Lélia Batista de
Freitas, Roseana de Almeida
Queiroz, Lélia Maria Guedes
Keywords: Pleomorphic adenoma;Salivary gland tumour;p53;PCNA;bcl-2
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: NUNEZ, Manuel Antonio Gordon et al. Immunohistochemical expression of PCNA, p53 and bcl-2 in pleomorphic adenomas. International Journal of Morphology, v. 26, n. 3, p. 567-572, 2008.
Portuguese Abstract: The aim of the study was to determine the immunohistochemical expression of the PCNA, p53 and bcl-2 proteins in pleomorphic adenomas. Nineteen specimens of pleomorphic adenomas were selected for analysis by the streptavidin-biotin-peroxidase method with antibodies against p53, PCNA and bcl-2 proteins. It was observed weak labeling for p53 in 12 cases (63.1%) and for PCNA in 8 (42.1%). With respect to the bcl-2 labeling index, no expression of this protein was detected in 12 cases, corresponding to 63.1% of the sample. Based on these findings, it was concluded that p53 and PCNA can favor the proliferative activity of pleomorphic adenomas, whereas bcl-2 probably does not effectively participate in the pathogenesis of this tumor.
ISSN: 0717-9502
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