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Título: The language of geometry: Fast comprehension of geometrical primitives and rules in human adults and preschoolers
Autor(es): Amalric, Marie
Wang, Liping
Pica, Pierre
Figueira, Santiago
Sigman, Mariano
Dehaene, Stanislas
Palavras-chave: Geometry;Language
Data do documento: 26-Jan-2017
Editor: Plos computational Biology
Referência: Amalric M, Wang L, Pica P, Figueira S, Sigman M, Dehaene S (2017) The language of geometry: Fast comprehension of geometrical primitives and rules in human adults and preschoolers. PLoS Comput Biol13(1): e1005273.
Resumo: During language processing, humans form complex embedded representations from sequential inputs. Here, we ask whether a “geometrical language” with recursive embedding also underlies the human ability to encode sequences of spatial locations. We introduce a novel paradigm in which subjects are exposed to a sequence of spatial locations on an octagon, and are asked to predict future locations. The sequences vary in complexity according to a well-defined language comprising elementary primitives and recursive rules. A detailed analysis of error patterns indicates that primitives of symmetry and rotation are spontaneously detected and used by adults, preschoolers, and adult members of an indigene group in the Amazon, the Munduruku, who have a restricted numerical and geometrical lexicon and limited access to schooling. Furthermore, subjects readily combine these geometrical primitives into hierarchically organized expressions. By evaluating a large set of such combinations, we obtained a first view of the language needed to account for the representation of visuospatial sequences in humans, and conclude that they encode visuospatial sequences by minimizing the complexity of the structured expressions that capture them.
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