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Title: Magnetization reversal in single ferromagnetic rectangular nanowires
Authors: Oliveira, Alexandre Barbosa de
Silva, Gilvânia Lucia da
Rezende, Sergio Machado
COSTA, Antonio Azevedo da
Keywords: Magnetization;magnetoresistance
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: OLIVEIRA, Alexandre Barbosa de et al.Magnetization reversal in single ferromagnetic rectangular nanowires. Journal of Physics Conference Series (Online), v. 200, 2010. ISSN 1742-6596. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 04 out. 2017.
Portuguese Abstract: We report on the magnetoresistance (MR) investigation of the magnetization reversal processes in single rectangular nanowire of Permalloy. A set of nanowires with lengths ranging from 6 to 20 μm, thicknesses fixed in 10 nm, and widths between 250 nm and 1.2 μm, was fabricated by means of AFM local anodic oxidation lithography. Magnetoresistive hysteresis loops show an abrupt jump corresponding to the magnetization reversal that depends on the angle between the wire axis and the applied magnetic field direction. The field value corresponding to the abrupt jump of the MR was associated to the nucleation field deduced from the Brown equations. By the angular dependence of this magnetization reversal field we were able to identify the nucleation mode as the magnetization buckling. We have investigated the temperature dependence of the switching field as well as its stochastic nature as a function of the in-plane angle
ISSN: 1742-6596
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