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Title: Phase conversion in a weakly first-order quark-hadron transition
Authors: Moreira, André Bessa
Fraga, Eduardo Souza
Mintz, Bruno Werneck
Keywords: Phase conversion;Quark-hadron transition
Issue Date: 12-Feb-2009
Publisher: The American Physical Society
Citation: MOREIRA, André Bessa; FRAGA, Eduardo Souza; MINTZ, Bruno Werneck. Phase conversion in a weakly first-order quark-hadron transition. Physical Review D, Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology. v. 79, 2009. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 out. 2017.
Portuguese Abstract: We investigate the process of phase conversion in a thermally driven weakly first-order quark-hadron transition. This scenario is physically appealing even if the nature of this transition in equilibrium proves to be a smooth crossover for vanishing baryonic chemical potential.We construct an effective potential by combining the equation of state obtained within lattice QCD for the partonic sector with that of a gas of resonances in the hadronic phase, and present numerical results on bubble profiles, nucleation rates, and time evolution, including the effects from reheating on the dynamics for different expansion scenarios. Our findings confirm the standard picture of a cosmological first-order transition, in which the process of phase conversion is entirely dominated by nucleation, also in the case of a weakly first-order transition. On the other hand, we show that, even for expansion rates much lower than those expected in high-energy heavy-ion collisions, nucleation is very unlikely, indicating that the main mechanism of phase conversion is spinodal decomposition. Our results are compared to those obtained for a strongly first-order transition, as the one provided by the MIT bag model
ISSN: 2470-0029
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