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Title: The interaction of innate and imposed colour perception: a behavioural approach
Authors: Luchiari, Ana Carolina
Oliveira, Jessica Janine
Keywords: Fish;Vision;Colour;Preference;Development
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Springer
Citation: LUCHIARI, Ana Carolina; OLIVEIRA, Jéssica Janine. The interaction of innate and imposed colour perception: a behavioural approach. Journal of Ethology, v. 32, p. 179-183, 2015. Disponível em:<>. Acesso em: 18 out. 2017.
Portuguese Abstract: Nile tilapia were raised from eggs to 2 months of age under a coloured light regime (violet, blue, green, yellow, and red) and then tested for colour preference in a multiple chamber maze with different colour options. Fish were observed individually during three days at 8, 11, 14, and 17 h, every 2 min for 20 min and the visit frequency in each compartment was analyzed. Young Nile tilapia kept under yellow and red light showed preference for yellow and red, respectively. Fish held under violet, blue, and green light did not show any colour preference or avoidance. These results imply that environmental colour affects colour preference of Nile tilapia, possibly due to lightdependent shift of visual pigments in the retina, indicating that colour preference is not an innate response. This conclusion reinforces the idea that environmental colour modulates fish physiological and behavioural processes
ISSN: 0289-0771
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