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Título: Identification of hypsarrhythmia in children with microcephaly infected by zika virus
Autor(es): Sousa, Gean Carlos
Queiroz, Claudio M.
Sousa, Patrícia
Lima, Priscila
Silva, Antônio Augusto Moura da
Pires, Nilviane
Barros, Allan Kardec
Palavras-chave: hypsarrhythmia;electroencephalographic;epileptic
Data do documento: 28-Fev-2019
Referência: SOUSA, G. C. et al. Identification of hypsarrhythmia in children with microcephaly infected by zika virus. Entropy, v. 21, n. 3, p. 232, fev. 2019.
Resumo: Hypsarrhythmia is an electroencephalographic pattern specific to some epileptic syndromes that affect children under one year of age. The identification of this pattern, in some cases, causes disagreements between experts, which is worrisome since an inaccurate diagnosis can bring complications to the infant. Despite the difficulties in visually identifying hypsarrhythmia, options of computerized assistance are scarce. Aiming to collaborate with the recognition of this electropathological pattern, we propose in this paper a mathematical index that can help electroencephalography experts to identify hypsarrhythmia. We performed hypothesis tests that indicated significant differences in the groups under analysis, where the p-values were found to be extremely small.
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