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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2018Computational models of memory consolidation and long-term synaptic plasticity during sleepRennó-Costa, César; Silva, Ana Cláudia Costa da; Blanco, Wilfredo; Ribeiro, Sidarta
16-Oct-2018Non-visual exploration of novel objects increases the levels of plasticity factors in the rat primary visual cortexPereira, Catia M.; Freire, Marco A.M.; Santos, José R.; Guimarães, Joanilson S.; Dias-Florencio, Gabriella; Santos, Sharlene; Pereira, Antonio; Ribeiro, Sidarta
7-Dec-2018The maturation of speech structure in psychosis is resistant to formal educationMota, Natália Bezerra; Sigman, Mariano; Cecchi, Guillermo; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta
2018Decifrar o enigma da política de drogas requer mais ciência do que nuncaRibeiro, Sidarta
19-Jul-2018Memory corticalization triggered by REM sleep: mechanisms of cellular and systems consolidationAlmeida‑Filho, Daniel G.; Queiroz, Claudio M.; Ribeiro, Sidarta
8-Jul-2018Speech structure links the neural and socio-behavioural correlatesof psychotic disordersPalaniyappan, Lena; Mota, Natália Bezerra; Oowise, Shamuz; Balain, Vijender; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Liddle, Peter
21-Aug-2018Post-class naps boost declarative learning in a naturalistic school settingCabral, Thiago; Mota, Natália B.; Fraga, Lucia; Copelli, Mauro; McDaniel, Mark A.; Ribeiro, Sidarta
29-Apr-2018Whole organisms or pure compounds? entourage effect versus drug specificityRibeiro, Sidarta
2018Graph theory applied to speech: insights on cognitive deficit diagnosis and dream researchMota, Natália Bezerra; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta