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Title: The construction of ergonomic demands: application on artisan fishing using jangada fishing rafts in the beach of Ponta Negra
Authors: Carvalho, Ricardo José Matos de
Saldanha, Maria Christine Werba
Oliveira, Larissa Praça de
Celestino, Joyce Elanne Mateus
Veloso, Isis Tatiane de Barros Macêdo
Jaeschke, Anelena
Keywords: Demand construction;Social construction;Ergonomics;Artisanal fishery;Rafts
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: IOS Press
Citation: SALDANHA, Maria Christine Werba; CARVALHO, Ricardo José Matos de; OLIVEIRA, Larissa Praça de; CELESTINO, Joyce Elanne Mateus; VELOSO, Isis Tatiane de Barros Macêdo; JAESCHKE, Anelena. The construction of ergonomic demands: application on artisan fishing using jangada fishing rafts in the beach of ponta negra. Work, [S.L.], v. 41, p. 628-635, 2012. IOS Press. Disponível em: Acesso em: 16 nov. 2021.
Portuguese Abstract: The present article seeks the process of construction of ergonomics demand referring to the artisan fishing activityfound in Ponta Negra beach located in the city of Natal, Brazil. The instruction/construction of demands correspond to the first stage of Work Ergonomic Analysis and allows the understanding of real issues existent in a work situation, rank them and route the providences. The demand presented on this study, features itself as a induced demand, process which some potential demands or hypothetical demands are taken to an organization, after a preview analysis of the work aimed by the study, resulting from a theoretical research (state of the art) and/or from analysis of a reference situation (state of practice), where demands hypothesis are taken in consideration about the pretended work. The demands construction process using interactional methods and techniques, observation methods and techniques and bibliographic research, researches in state of reference or document. This article demonstrates the efficiency of the methodological choice to construct real ergonomic demands and highlights the importance of social construction on that process, which main goal is to refer the ergonomic actions that allow the improvement of work and life conditions for the fishers and sustainability to Jangadeira activity
ISSN: 1875-9270
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