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Title: Hydrolyzed proteins and vegetable peptides: anti-Inflammatory mechanisms in obesity and potential therapeutic targets
Authors: Medeiros, Amanda Fernandes de
Queiroz, Jaluza Luana Carvalho de
Maciel, Bruna Leal Lima
Morais, Ana Heloneida de Araújo
Keywords: aminoacids;peptides and proteins;anti-obesity agents;anti-inflammatory agents;inflammation mediators
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Nutrients
Citation: MEDEIROS, Amanda Fernandes de et al. Hydrolyzed proteins and vegetable peptides: anti-Inflammatory Mechanisms in obesity and potential therapeutic targets. Nutrients, v. 14, n. 3, p. 690, 2022.
Portuguese Abstract: Chronic low-grade inflammation is present in overweight and obesity, causing changes in several metabolic pathways. It impairs systemic functioning and positively feeds back the accumula tion of more adipose tissue. Studies with hydrolyzed proteins and plant peptides have demonstrated a potential anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect of these peptides. However, it is chal lenging and necessary to explore the mechanism of action of such molecules because understanding their effects depends on their structural characterizations. Furthermore, the structure might also give insights into safety, efficacy and efficiency, with a view of a possible health application. Thus, the present narrative review aimed to discuss the mechanisms of action of hydrolyzed proteins and plant peptides as anti-inflammatory agents in obesity. Keywords and related terms were inserted into databases for the search. Based on the studies evaluated, these biomolecules act by different pathways, favoring the reduction of inflammatory cytokines and adipokines and the polarization of macrophages to the M2 phenotype. Finally, as a future perspective, bioinformatics is suggested as a tool to help understand and better use these molecules considering their applicability in pre-clinical and clinical studies.
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