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Title: Work generation, income and food improvement for farmers in Rio Grande do Norte sustainably through pais methodology
Authors: Bezerra, Paulo Ricardo C.
Miller, Francisca de Souza
Keywords: cultural ecology;sustainability;territory;social technology
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: BEZERRA, Paulo Ricardo C.; MILLER, Francisca de Souza. Work generation, income and food improvement for farmers in rio grande do norte sustainably through pais methodology. Business and Management Review, v. 7, p. 271-284, 2015.
Portuguese Abstract: Exploiting any natural goods sustainably is still something new in Brazil. Many institutions act in the management of projects whose purpose is sustainably generating work, income and food improvement for rural producers, seeking to achieve social welfare and establish bonds between man and nature. The appropriate research methodology will present a more descriptive aspect to these producers, showing material culture elements related to the production usage, social organization and ecologic culture aspects if the patterns of social organization and use of the environment recognized by the population affect in any way the dimension of human life. We’ll hopefully understanding how social organization relationships happen, use of environment.
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