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Title: A Respiration-Coupled Rhythm in the Rat Hippocampus Independent of Theta and Slow Oscillations
Authors: Lockmann, André L. V.
Laplagne, Diego A.
Leão, Richardson N.
Tort, Adriano B. L.
Keywords: hippocampal rhythms;LFP;olfactory bulb;respiration;slow oscillation;theta
Issue Date: 2016
Portuguese Abstract: During slow-wave sleep and deep anesthesia, the rat hippocampus displays a slow oscillation (SO) that follows “up-and-down” state transitions in the neocortex. There has been recent debate as to whether this local field potential (LFP) rhythm reflects internal processing or entrains with respiratory inputs. To solve this issue, here we have concomitantly recorded respiration along with hippocampal, neocortical, and olfactory bulb (OB) LFPs in rats anesthetized with urethane. During the course of anesthesia, LFPs transitioned between activity states characterized by the emergence of different oscillations. By jointly analyzing multisite LFPs and respiratory cycles, we could distinguish three types of low-frequency hippocampal oscillations: (1) SO, which coupled to neocortical up-and-down transitions; (2) theta, which phase-reversed across hippocampal layers and was largest at the fissure; and (3) a low-frequency rhythm with largest amplitude in the dentate gyrus, which coupled to respiration-entrained oscillations in OB and to respiration itself. In contrast, neither theta nor SO coupled to respiration. The hippocampal respiration-coupled rhythm and SO had frequency 1.5 Hz, whereas theta tended to be faster ( 3 Hz). Tracheotomy abolished hippocampal respiration-coupled rhythm, which was restored by rhythmic delivery of air puffs into the nasal cavity. These results solve the apparent contradictions among previous studies by demonstrating that the rat hippocampus produces multiple types of low-frequency oscillations. Because they synchronize with different brain circuits, however, we postulate that each activity pattern plays a unique role in information processing.
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