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Title: BDNF controls object recognition memory reconsolidation
Authors: Radiske, Andressa
Rossato, Janine I.
Gonzalez, Maria Carolina
Köhler, Cristiano A.
Bevilaqua, Lia Rejane Müller
Cammarota, Martín Pablo
Keywords: Anisomycin;a-amanitin;Muscimol;Novelty;Retrieval
Issue Date: 2017
Portuguese Abstract: Reconsolidation restabilizes memory after reactivation. Previously, we reported that the hippocampus is engaged in object recognition memory reconsolidation to allow incorporation of new information into the original engram. Here we show that BDNF is sufficient for this process, and that blockade of BDNF function in dorsal CA1 impairs updating of the reactivated recognition memory trace.
ISSN: 1074-7427
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