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Título: Live Imaging Followed by Single Cell Tracking to Monitor Cell Biology and the Lineage Progression of Multiple Neural Populations
Autor(es): Gómez-Villafuertes, Rosa
Paniagua-Herranz, Lucía
Gascon, Sergio
Agustín-Durán, David de
Ferreras, María de la O
Gil-Redondo, Juan Carlos
Queipo, María José
Menendez-Mendez, Aida
Pérez-Sen, Ráquel
G. Delicado, Esmerilda
Gualix, Javier
Costa, Marcos R.
Schroeder, Timm
Miras-Portugal, María Teresa
Ortega, Felipe
Palavras-chave: Neuroscience;Live imaging;single cell tracking;lineage progression;adult neural stem cell;neural cells;lineage tree;timelapse video-microscopy
Data do documento: 16-Dez-2017
Resumo: Understanding the mechanisms that control critical biological events of neural cell populations, such as proliferation, differentiation, or cell fate decisions, will be crucial to design therapeutic strategies for many diseases affecting the nervous system. Current methods to track cell populations rely on their final outcomes in still images and they generally fail to provide sufficient temporal resolution to identify behavioral features in single cells. Moreover, variations in cell death, behavioral heterogeneity within a cell population, dilution, spreading, or the low efficiency of the markers used to analyze cells are all important handicaps that will lead to incomplete or incorrect read-outs of the results. Conversely, performing live imaging and single cell tracking under appropriate conditions represents a powerful tool to monitor each of these events. Here, a time-lapse video-microscopy protocol, followed by post-processing, is described to track neural populations with single cell resolution, employing specific software. The methods described enable researchers to address essential questions regarding the cell biology and lineage progression of distinct neural populations.
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