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Title: Low - temperature interface specific heat due to localized modes
Authors: Carriço, Arthur da Silva
Albuquerque, E. L.
Keywords: Green function calculation of the surface;Contribution to the specific heat of a crystal
Issue Date: 1982
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Citation: CARRIÇO, Artur S; ALBUQUERQUE, E. L. Low - temperature interface specific heat due to localized modes. Solid State Communications, v. 42, p. 305-307, 1982. Disponível em: Acesso: 20 mar. 2020.
Portuguese Abstract: Green functions are derived for the displacement associated with acoustic vibrations in isotropic elastic media, and used to evaluate the surface specific heat in the harmonic approximation. The contribution of surface elastic waves of the Rayleigh and love types are pointed out and their features discussed. The nature of the results and their relations to previous works in this field is also presented and discussed.
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