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Title: Time for determining the diagnosis of brain death and its relation to organ donation
Authors: Amorim, Ingrid Gurgel
Mendonça, Ana Elza Oliveira de
Freire, Izaura Luzia Silvério
Nobre, Thaiza Teixeira Xavier
Dantas, Raysa da Silva
Morais, Rafael Otávio Bezerra de
Amorim, Érico Gurgel
Amorim, Paula Andréa Gurgel
Sousa Neto, Vinicius Lino de
Sousa Júnior, Belarmino Santos de
Keywords: Brain Death;Time;Directed Tissue Donation;Nursing
Issue Date: 13-Apr-2017
Publisher: International Medical Publisher
Citation: AMORIM, Ingrid Gurgel; MENDONÇA, Ana Elza Oliveira de; FREIRE, Izaura Luzia Silvério; NOBRE, Thaiza Teixeira Xavier; DANTAS, Raysa da Silva; MORAIS, Rafael Otavio Bezerra; AMORIM, Erico Gurgel; AMORIM, Paula Andréa Gurgel; SOUSA NETO, Vinicius Lino de; SOUSA JÚNIOR, Belarmino Santos de. Time for determining the diagnosis of brain death and its relation to organ donation. International Archives of Medicine, v. 10, n. 88, p. 1-6, 2017. Disponível em: Acesso em: 22 set. 2020
Portuguese Abstract: This study aimed to identify the time needed for confirmation of brain death and its relation to organ donation. Quantitative, descriptive and retrospective study with 175 patients who had diagnosis of brain death completed between January and December 2013. The time from 11 to 20 hours (38.9%) prevailed, with average of 17.91 hours (SD 17.53). There was significant association between the finding of brain death diagnosis in less than 20 hours and the number of donated livers (P = 0.041). We stress the importance of speeding up the diagnosis of brain death as an important step of the donation process, in order to contribute to realization of transplants
ISSN: 1755-7682
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