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Title: Effect of FGF-2 and sciatic nerve grafting on ChAT expression in dorsal root ganglia neurons of spinal cord transected rats
Authors: Guzen, Fausto Pierdoná
Araújo, Dayane Pessoa de
Lucena, Eudes Euler de Souza
Morais, Hécio Henrique Araújo de
Cavalcanti, José Rodolfo Lopes de Paiva
Nascimento Junior, Expedito Silva do
Costa, Miriam Stela Maris de Oliveira
Cavalcante, Jeferson de Souza
Keywords: Dorsal root ganglia;Fibroblastic growth factor-2;Neuroprotection;Sciatic nerve graft;Spinal cord
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: GUZEN, Fausto Pierdoná; ARAÚJO, Dayane Pessoa de; LUCENA, Eudes Euler de Souza; MORAIS, Hécio Henrique Araújo de; CAVALCANTI, José Rodolfo Lopes de Paiva; NASCIMENTO JUNIOR, Expedito Silva do; COSTA, Miriam Stela Maris de Oliveira; CAVALCANTE, Jeferson de Souza. Effect of FGF-2 and sciatic nerve grafting on ChAT expression in dorsal root ganglia neurons of spinal cord transected rats. Neuroscience Letters, [s. l.], v. 616, p. 43-48, mar. 2016. Elsevier BV. Disponível em:!. Acesso em: 23 jul. 2020.
Portuguese Abstract: Neurotrophic factors and peripheral nerves are known to be good substrates for bridging CNS trauma. The involvement of fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) activation in the dorsal root ganglion (DRG) was examined following spinal cord injury in the rat. We evaluated whether FGF-2 increases the ability of a sciatic nerve graft to enhance neuronal plasticity, in a gap promoted by complete transection of the spinal cord. The rats were subjected to a 4 mm-long gap at low thoracic level and were repaired with saline (Saline or control group, n = 10), or fragment of the sciatic nerve (Nerve group, n = 10), or fragment of the sciatic nerve to which FGF-2 (Nerve + FGF-2 group, n = 10) had been added immediately after lesion. The effects of the FGF-2 and fragment of the sciatic nerve grafts on neuronal plasticity were investigated using choline acetyl transferase (ChAT)-immunoreactivity of neurons in the dorsal root ganglion after 8 weeks. Preservation of the area and diameter of neuronal cell bodies in dorsal root ganglion (DRG) was seen in animals treated with the sciatic nerve, an effect enhanced by the addition of FGF-2. Thus, the addition of exogenous FGF-2 to a sciatic nerve fragment grafted in a gap of the rat spinal cord submitted to complete transection was able to improve neuroprotection in the DRG. The results emphasized that the manipulation of the microenvironment in the wound might amplify the regenerative capacity of peripheral neurons
ISSN: 0304-3940 (print)
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