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Title: Innovation and use of new teaching technologies in undergraduate learning and empowerment for the labour market
Authors: Guerra, Eliana Costa
Nascimento, Daniel Beserra do
Brito, Max Leandro de Araújo
Fonseca, Géssica Fabiely
Medeiros Neta, Olívia Morais de
Martins, Cibelle Amorim
Guardia, Mabel Simone de Araujo Bezerra
Araújo, Maria Valéria Pereira de
Teixeira, Ricardo Luiz Perez
Shitsuka, Ricardo
Silva, Priscilla Chantal Duarte
Junger, Alex Paubel
Keywords: profession;business;university
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: International Journal Of Emerging Technologies In Learning (Ijet)
Citation: GUERRA, Eliana Costa; NASCIMENTO, Daniel Beserra do; BRITO, Max Leandro de Araújo; FONSECA, Géssica Fabiely; MEDEIROS NETA, Olívia Morais de; MARTINS, Cibelle Amorim; GUARDIA, Mabel Simone de Araújo Bezerra; ARAÚJO, Maria Valéria Pereira de; TEIXEIRA, Ricardo Luiz Perez; SHITSUKA, Ricardo. Innovation and Use of New Teaching Technologies in Undergraduate Learning and Empowerment for the Labour Market. International Journal Of Emerging Technologies In Learning (Ijet), [S.L.], v. 15, n. 20, p. 281, 19 out. 2020. International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE). Disponível em: Acesso em: 06 out. 2023.
Portuguese Abstract: The present study aims to investigate the perspective of students in the business course on innovation and the use of new teaching technologies in undergraduate learning and empowerment for the labour market in a city in northeastern Brazil.The methodology study is qualitative, conducted through a questionnaire tech-nique with open questions with students from a higher edu-cation institution, graduates of the business course and others who have already completed and are looking for space in the labour market. The results obtained in the present study suggest a greater participation of the university in the artic-ulation of its trained professionals with the local companies, serving as a sup-port platform and in this way enabling some monitoring of these graduates at the entrance of the local market, through networks of contacts that bring togeth-er companies of recent graduates.The conclusion of the study is that there is a complex situation, that despite the difficulties imposed by the economic crisis and lack of local opportunities, the chance of getting a job is better for those who, in fact, absorb as much of the knowledge that the course offers and get their diploma
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