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Title: Adult neural stem cells: plastic or restricted neuronal fates?
Authors: Sequerra, Eduardo B.
Costa, Marcos R.
Menezes, João R. L.
Hedin-Pereira, Cecilia
Keywords: Adult neurogenesis;Cerebral cortex;Neuronal specification;Olfactory bulb;Subventricular zone
Issue Date: 2013
Portuguese Abstract: During embryonic development, the telencephalon is specified along its axis through morphogenetic gradients, leading to the positional-dependent generation of multiple neuronal types. After embryogenesis, however, the fate of neuronal progenitors becomes more restricted, and they generate only a subset of neurons. Here, we review studies of postnatal and adult neurogenesis, challenging the notion that fixed genetic programs restrict neuronal fate. We hypothesize that the adult brain maintains plastic neural stem cells that are capable of responding to changes in environmental cues and generating diverse neuronal types. Thus, the limited diversity of neurons generated under normal conditions must be actively maintained by the adult milieu.
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