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Title: Desmoplasic ameloblastoma in maxilla - report of case and review of the literature
Authors: Alves, Pollianna Muniz
Pereira, Karuza Maria Alves
Vasconcelos, Marcelo Gadelha
Souza, Lélia Batista de
Queiroz, Lélia Maria Guedes de
Medeiros, Ana Myriam Costa
Souza, Lélia Batista de
Keywords: Ameloblastoma;Desmoplastic ameloblastoma;Odontogenic tumours
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: ALVES, Pollianna Muniz et al . Desmoplasic ameloblastoma in maxilla - report of case and review of the literature. International Journal of Morphology (Print), v. 26, n. 2, p. 263-268, 2008.
Portuguese Abstract: The ameloblastoma is a benign neoplasm of epithelial odontogenic origin, slowly growing, locally invasive and it is the most common odontogenic tumor in the jaws. Histologically, various types have been described in literature. The desmoplastic variant is rare and characterized by difference in the typical findings of ameloblastoma, including localization, radiographic and histological features. The purpose of this article is to report a case of desmoplastic ameloblastoma in the left maxilla, and review of relevant literature, emphasizing peculiar aspects of this unusual lesion.
ISSN: 0717-9502
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